How to run KeeChallenge (KeePass plugin) for Yubikey under Ubuntu Linux with Mono

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KeeChallenge is a KeePass plugin, which allows you to protect your password database with a second auth key. It implements a HMAC-SHA1 challenge-response where the key is saved on a Yubikey.

KeePass runs quite well under Linux with mono. However also the KeeChallenge plugin works under Mono, but you have to map some .dll to .so libraries, which I will describe here.


Of course you need KeePass

sudo apt-get install keepass2

well you don't have to use this package, but I use the paths which the kepass2 package creates.

You need also the Yubico PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yubico/stable
sudo apt-get update

after that you have to install the required packages:


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