Replace nis (rfc2307) with rfc2307bis schema in OpenLDAP

You are familiar that posixGroup schema in LDAP is structural. This has some disadvantages like you have to synchronise two structural entries of Object Class posixGroup and groupOfNames if you need both Object Class for representing the same Group with the same users. Some further discussion here. For this purpose the old nis (rfc2307) scheme has been extended under the name rfc2307bis. The rfc2307bis schema remove the structural flag from the posixGroup and make it auxilary. With the rfc2307bis schema you can simply add the posixGroup Object Class to a already existing groupOfName (or a similar one) entry to make the group also a unix group This guide was tested on Ubuntu Server 12.04.4 LTS and 14.04.1 LTS with OpenLDAP 2.14.31 but should also work on all openLDAP installations. Installtion Type Fresh Installtion

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